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Hi there. This is sage.
Call me

A man came alone from a small country of the edge of the east.
He had the stick that attached a small needles.
He tattoo an unbelievable art for person's skin with the needles....

You have not known a true tattoo yet.
You should see his tattoo before this world goes to ruin.
Can you really meet a true tattoo?....

I run a Tattoo Shop 'Irezumi-ya' in Second Life.
'tattoo' calls it 'irezumi' in Japan.

Please browse my shop and choose according to your fashion, each tattoo makes a bold statement!

I have many kinds here.
I hope you come again,
Lots of love.

Owned by sage proto.
Tattoo Shop 'Irezumi-ya'(In World)
E-shop Irezumi-ya(Web Shop)


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